Uplifting Objects


Uplifting Object №1

10 inches, aluminum, glass, galvanized steel

Uplifting Object №1 is a unique mobile. It is very receptive to the slightest air movement. Any kind of heat source can make it turn. While the wings move committed into one direction only, the ring is less decisive. Have a look!


blue solo 1

blue solo front bottom 2

UO gold vor Federn 1

gold candle plate christmas singers 1 cool          blue candle stick lighter 3

gold top closeup

bronze top

rosé side 2

clear side 1



Uplifting Object №2

20 inches, aluminum, glass, steel

Uplifting Object №2 is even more spacious than Uplifting Object №1. It is also very receptive to air movement and with any kind of heat source underneath it, it will turn steadily. It needs its space!

UO 1

UO #1,2,3

UO #1,2,3 c